15 September 2011


And So it begins! It's not even the first day yet and we already don't know where to turn! So we're gonna start off, by running to Dalston, to check out Modern Ninja and the Black Fist's collection launch & private view at LN-CC, check out the nice little video they made to lure us in.

LN-CC presents 'Modern Ninja and The Black Fist' promo from LN-CC FILM: on Vimeo.

After that will be a race back to Shoretich Leonard St, to check out Mari Sarai's "NAKED" photo exhibition, just before the B O L $ H I E show, conveniently near at the Union Car Park in Great Eastern St!

and after.... just taking a little breather out of fashion before diving in deep tomorrow, by joining the guys behind Leisure at The McBeth Pub in Hoxton st, for their wrap party, after a month of events!

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