08 December 2009

Being Blonde

If you are, were or ever have been a fan of Blondie, the Proud Galleries in Camden have the perfect exhibition; Being Blonde - Debbie Harry by Brian Aris. Celebrating 35 years of Blondie and focusing on their leading lady, Debbie Harry.

"Pioneers of American new wave and punk rock, Blondie’s liberal performance rituals and intoxicating stage presence translate beautifully into Aris’ studio shots. His expert precision and attention to detail provide a visual context for the band’s innovative experimentation in punk rock, new wave, disco and hip hop.
With her two-tone bleached-blonde hair, and cutting edge style Harry quickly became a legendary pop icon and the face of the band. Her stage persona of cool sexuality was notorious and she can undoubtedly be seen to have shaped the direction of a generation. Aris was responsible for many of the photographs which helped to cement Harry’s international iconic status, leading to her reputation as new wave’s answer to Marilyn Monroe."

Being Blonde - Debbie Harry by Brian Aris opens today and is on till the 11th January. There will also be original prints and contact sheets for sale.

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