16 November 2009

Blue Blood

I'm sure most of you have by now heard about it, seen it, or purchased it to admire in your own home. Sang Bleu has grown so rapidly since its launch in 2004. I remember the first issue, or "issue zero" as it was called, was nothing more then 10 sheets of paper printed with beautiful images and interesting people. Now, the next issue, number 5, is rumoured to be split into two books.

Unlike any other magazine, journal or book, out there, Sang Bleu seems to mix the weird, the wonderful, the sometimes scary but most importantly the beautiful. In Sang Bleu's own words;

"Sang Bleu’s statement is to use Art, Fashion, Sociology, Literature, but also—more unexpectedly—Tattooing, Body Modification, Fetish and other subcultures to create a carefully composed image of modern urban societies and individuals. Whatever their background is, Sang Bleu will reach those with a poetic mind and a sensitivity for beauty and take them to countries they never knew about."

On that note, I've been looking over and over the Sang Bleu Blog and have seen so many captivating images, it would be wrong not to encourage you to go have a look.

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