10 September 2009

Freize for Gareth Pugh

 ShowStudio, always a good source of the goings on in the Fashion industry... my latest find is the short film made up of stills from one of Nick Knights shoots for i-D. I particularly love the music.

'A blur of colour, reflection and frantic animation - with Gareth Pugh himself making more than a cameo appearance - this exclusive film is crafted from archive video recorded on the set of Nick Knight's shoot for the October 2006 issue of i-D. The original footage, however, is only the raw material for escape into a madcap post-produced fantasy of metallic foil, multicoloured balloons, and swirling neon catherine wheels - a cinematic reverie that expresses all the unbridled innovation and invention both of this shoot, and of Pugh's stratospheric career to date. '


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