30 June 2009


Welcome to the FM Agency blog. We have decided its time to keep all you people in the know & share all the exciting happenings in our Agency! Firstly... lets introduce the team. Running the Women's division we have Ash, Victoria, Jeanna, Sarah, Jo, Natasha & Talena. On the Men's division we have Stephen, Leesa & Susie. In the Imaging department we have Sophie & Natalia, Running the office and keeping us all organised is Holly, In Finance we have Efe, Lucie & Nicola. Last but certainly not least keeping FM running smoothly, the Directors and Founders, Freddie Laughton & Laurie Kuhrt.

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  1. So, this is what a booking team looks like? The blonde in the centre is particularly grotesque. Is that a retard bottom right? What's with the guy that looks like an egg? Prick.